Frequently Asked Questions

1Question: Do you only offer Research in Sydney?

No, Yourviewpoint Research Recruitment offers Research opportunities throughout Australia. Whilst Sydney Research is held more frequently, all the major Capital Cities are also available. Regional areas do offer Paid Research as well. These areas include Newcastle, NSW Central Coast, Dubbo, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Wollongong, Cairns, Toowoomba and other QLD regional areas are also popular.

2What is Market Research?

Market research is an evaluation tool that is essential to determine the understanding and relationship between a Company and the Consumer. This type of Research is widely used by various Companies, Government Bodies, Educational Institutions, Associations and others in order to obtain valuable feedback about existing and future Products/Services.

Manufacturers and retailers are very interested in their consumers opinions, with many Companies constantly developing ideas for new products and services to meet consumer needs. The field of Market Research is constantly evolving due to the increasing pursuit for excellence.

3What role does Yourviewpoint have in Market Research?

Yourviewpoint solely recruits respondents from registrations received via the online registration form. We evaluate potential candidates for each Discussion Group by asking specific questions associated to the Research available. All information gathered throughout this process determines eligibility for participation.

4How long do the Discussion Groups go for?

The Discussion Groups vary from 1-2 hours and respondents are usually reimbursed in cash for their time and participation. The duration of available Discussion Groups are outlined in the recruitment process.

5Where are the Market Research Groups held?

There are several methods of Market Research offered, with the majority being conducted as Group Discussions/Focus Groups. These Discussion Groups are held in various areas throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the City CBD, North Sydney, Hurstville and Parramatta as the main locations. Regional areas and Brisbane are within their respective boundaries. All information of location is supplied at the time of recruitment. We also offer Online Research, Telephone Interviews and Video Interviews.

6How do I register?

Registration is free and we are wanting various people of all ages to register with Yourviewpoint by completing the online Registration form. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The more information you provide enables the pre-qualifying process for eligible Groups easier, which means you are more likely to be invited to attend a research activity.

If you have children that may also be interested in participating in Group Discussions, please feel free to register their details also as we often require children of various ages for a range of Groups.

You can register by clicking here and you will be redirected to the Registration Form. (add hyperlink to the registration page on the words underlined)

7Who has access to my information?

Yourviewpoint Recruitment collects personal information for the sole purpose of Market Research only. The only people who can access your information are the administrators of Yourviewpoint Research Recruitment

Yourviewpoint works in conjunction with a member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society of NSW and we follow their standards, ethics and guidelines. We adhere to the National Privacy Principles from the Privacy Act 1988.

Your personal information is securely retained and is only used in accordance with the purpose for which it is provided or otherwise authorised by you. The information supplied to Yourviewpoint will not be sold or traded. Member participation is at all times voluntary and we will promptly comply with any request to delete such information from our database.

8What happens after I register?

When you are selected from our database for an available Discussion Group you will be contacted directly. You are usually contacted by SMS to advise that Research is available, firstly informing of the location, time and date that the Discussion Group is being held.

You will then be asked a series of questions, which will determine if you meet the selection criteria set by our Client in relation to the product or service associated with the Research.

Remember you are under no obligation to attend any activity that is offered. We prefer that you decline the invitation if you feel you are unable to commit to participating, as replacements may be difficult to source at such short notice.

If you qualify for the Research, a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately. This email will contain all relevant details you will need to attend.

You will be expected to arrive at the venue approximately 10 minutes prior to the appointed time. If you are late there is every chance that you may not be admitted to participate and therefore you will not receive any incentive/payment.

Failure to do so may compromise future group invitations.